Purim Party & Shpiel

Sunday 12 March from 3:30PM

Party 3:30PM. Purim Shpiel 4:30PM
Graggars, costumes, hametashen and… the whole megillah. Purim at LBC is never a time to be missed. We know how to throw a rockin’ Purim celebration!
Come dressed up as your favourite character and experience the Story of Queen Esther set in song to your favourite 50’s melodies.

LBC Book Club February

Sunday 26 February, 10:30am

Bell of the Desert, by Alan Gold.

Join the group to discuss this grand historical novel about Gertrude Bell, the most celebrated adventurer of her day, the brains behind Lawrence of Arabia, an adviser to kings and desert sheikhs, and the British government’s secret weapon in WWI in the campaign against the Turks. She was a brilliant academic, mountaineer, explorer, linguist, politician, and a towering literary figure.