Pre-Limmud Panel

Saturday 9 June, 1:00PM

There Is More Than One Way To Be Jewish. In more recent times a variety of new strands and expressions of Judaism have developed including Reconstructionism which Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky will address, Atheist-Humanist which Mark Cherny will talk to, and Rebecca Forgasz will look at Secular-Cultural Jewish identity.  There is of course a great history in common and a lot of overlap but also a richness and diversity of what we might call ‘grown-up Judaism’!   And there will be time for your questions!


A Panel on Ageing Issues

Sunday 3 June, 2:00PM
Join us for this panel discussion with guest speakers at the forefront of research into ageing. Topics covered include Dementia and Memory Issues in Older people, Skin and Wound Management and Healthy Eating in Ageing. There will be a time for questions. Refreshments will be served. A small note donation is invited.

Chavurah Lunch – May

Saturday 26 May, 12:30PM
Join us for our monthly chavurah lunch after the morning service. This month’s theme is ARZA and Progressive Zionism. Our guest speaker is Rabbi Lea Mühlstein, who is a board member of Arzenu Olami, the International Federation of Reform and Progressive Religious Zionists. Please bring a non-meat dish to share.

Volunteer Shabbat

Saturday 26 May, 10:00AM
Please join us as we honour our community volunteers and thank them for the time, effort, skills and enthusiasm they put into a large variety of worthy causes around our community from which we all benefit.

Shavuot 5778

Saturday 19 May, 8:00PM
Join us for a short Erev Shavuot service and stay on for Tikkun Leil Shavuot at 9pm, learning about Food and Wine, with presentations by Rabbi Jonathan, Mannie Gross, Mark Pryor and Albert Isaacs. Session ends past midnight, stay for as long as you like!

Shavuot Morning Service is at 10am on Sunday 20 May.