LBC Mitzvah Day

Sunday 19 November, 1-4PM

LBC’s Mitzvah Day is organised by the Youth Engagement Worker in conjunction with the LBC’s newly formed Tikkun Olam committee. Drop in anytime during this session to do your part in a mitzvah.
Arranged activities include preparing food for the hungry, writing letters, and making crafts. The whole family is welcome.
Please bring with you odd material scraps, buttons, shapes, and things that we can sew on to material for fidget blankets for the visually impaired.

RSVP would be appreciated.

Dealing with Hearing Loss

Monday 20 November, 2:00PM
Dr. Elaine Saunders (co-founder & CEO) and Daniel Pistritto (Audiometrist & Assistive Listening Device Manager) of Blamey Saunders hears, a hearing aid and telehealth company, will talk about hearing aid technology. Daniel will give us his personal experiences with his cochlear implant.
Please RSVP on 98197160 if coming.