Chavurah Lunch

Saturday 22 February, 12.30pm
Guest Speaker Pierre Harcourt will speak about criminal justice in Victoria. Criminal cases are often big news. What guidelines do prosecutors use to decide whether to commence proceedings? And if a person is found guilty what factors determine sentencing in Victoria?

LBC Discussion Group

Sunday 23 February, 10.30am
Come along with your thoughts, concerns and opinions. Join our new monthly discussion group and participate through listening and/or discussing. Led by Rabbi Jonathan, the sessions will cover an eclectic mix of issues and topics. It’s a nice way to spend a Sunday morning – socialising and learning. A small note donation is invited.

LBAC Exhibition Launch

Saturday 14 March, 1pm
Marking the Stranger by Shirley Cass. This three-dimensional exhibition was inspired by “badges of infamy” imposed on Jews and others through the Middle Ages and during the Spanish Inquisition, 500 years before the Nazi markings of Jews, gypsies and homosexuals in WW2. This exhibition will be held in conjunction with the Kew Festival.

Leo Baeck Annual Lecture

Sunday 15 March, 7pm

LBC House of Study is proud to present 2020 Leo Baeck Annual Lecture, delivered by Dr Helen Caldicott-Broinowski, paediatrician, environmentalist and anti-nuclear activist who had recently been recognised with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the US based Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Topic: In Pursuit of Justice. A Physician’s Journey from Paediatrician to Anti-Nuclear Activist.

A small note donation is invited.