Sunday Elul Seminar

Saturday 1 September, 10.30am – 12 noon

Join us this Sunday for a morning session looking at some of the classic High Holy Day tunes – and where they’ve changed – with Rabbi Jonathan, and hearing them demonstrated by Maurice – we might even get to sing along with them!  This is a great way to familiarise yourself with the new books and adjustments in the tunes, and to commence the month of Elul with the sounds of the High Holy Days in your heart.

LBC Book Club – August

Sunday 25 August, 10.30am
Join us for a discussion of The Secret Book of Kings by Jochi Brandis, a riveting novel based on textual sources about the experiences of David and Solomon, written by one of Israel’s all-time best-selling novelists with a unique background in both academic Jewish scholarship and traditional religious commentaries.

Jewish Jam – August

Sunday 25 August, 4.30pm
Enjoy Jewish and popular music at our monthly Jewish Jam Session. Bring an instrument if you have one or your singing voice or just listen, and also a small note donation. No previous performing experience needed and sheet music is always provided.

Fine Music Fine Wine

Saturday 24 August, 1pm
In 1866 Lewandowsky was appointed choir master at the Neue Synagogue in Berlin, for which he composed an entire new repertoire. Rabbi Jonathan will be illustrating some original recordings recovered by Rabbi Dr John Levi and some contemporary recordings, most of which will be familiar from Shabbat and High Holy Days, but with a few surprises! Mannie Gross will present three Australian wines from his cellar for us to sample.