Arts Centre


The Leo Baeck Centre for Progressive Judaism located in East Kew Victoria (LBC) has had a long tradition of engaging its community in Jewish culture.

In May 2003 the LBC Board endorsed the establishment of the Leo Baeck Arts Centre Committee (LBAC) to manage an ongoing series of art exhibitions within the Leo Baeck Kiddush Hall and Library. The overall vision for the Arts Centre was to promote Jewish and broader cultural values.

In December 2003 the LBC Board together with generous member’s donations, funded upgrading the facilities of the Kiddush Hall to provide an professional art exhibition space.

The creation of the Arts Centre represents a significant step in realising the goals of the Leo Baeck Centre to both link effectively with the broader community and becoming a ‘living’ centre of Jewish cultural activities in Melbourne. In particular, the Arts group promotes the opportunity for LBC members to share their creative talents with both the LBC and broader communities.


Since its inception in 2004 the LBAC Committee has successfully, selected, organised, launched and promoted many art exhibitions.

2004 Nita Jawary – The Perpetual Table 
 2005 Rachel Johnson – ‘Spiritual Threads’
2005 Ian Brown – The Face of Hope
2006 Michael Morgan – Yizkor Remembrance
2006 Multi Faith Art Festival – Postcards: Reflections on Love and Marriage
2007 Aloma Triester – The Art of Memory
2007 Multi Faith Art Festival – Landlines: Letter, Line and Form
2008 Lazar Krum – 20th Century Icons
2008 Gary Solomon – Art With Heart
2008 Multi Faith Art Festival– Land and Spirit and Transformation
 2009 Maadi Einfeld – Selected Works on Paper 1980 -2008 
2010 The Journey Continues: 60th anniversary photographs
2011 Community Exhibition by LBC Artists
2011 Lex Mrocki – Seen and Unseen (loaned by the Jewish Museum)
2012 Janet Wolf Bau – The Art of Illustration
2014 Lazar Krum – Paper Journey
2014 Nita Jawary – Exuberance
2015 Peter and Ria Eisler – Expression
2015 Janet Wolf Bau – Captured Moments in Time
2016 Zoe Bell – Dreamscape
2016 Jess Solomon – Ark
2017 Miriam Morris – Ner Tamid
2017 Dianne Toone – Oil on Canvas
2017 Naum Belog – Works
2018 Val S – Travel with Val
2018 Jan Palmer – Melbourne and Beyond
2019 Children’s Art Exhibition
2019 Steve Einfeld – Looking at You Looking at Me
2019 Yishkah C. Du Brae James – Goodness & Beauty
2020 Shirley Cass – Marking The Stranger


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