Rabbi Jonanthan Keren-Black generally officiates at funerals of Leo Baeck Centre members. In cases where our own rabbi is unavailable, another rabbi from within the Progressive movement conducts the service.

A charge is made for rabbinic services where people who are not members of the Leo Baeck Centre wish to have a Progressive burial service.

Although Jewish tradition has not approved of cremation, we encourage people to make ‘educated choices’ for themselves in this as in all aspects of ritual, and therefore lead both burial and cremation services, in conjunction with our Jewish undertaking service, Bet Olam (House of Life).

We do not require people to tear their clothes, or to cover mirrors or TVs, or to sit on low stools. All these are parts of the tradition which people can draw on or not as they wish as they grapple with their loss.

Funerals are arranged in conjunction with Bet Olam Jewish Funerals. Call them on 03 9883 6237 or see the their website.

The Leo Baeck Centre also offers a service for the ‘stone setting’, usually around the time of the first anniversary of the loved one’s death. The short ceremony takes place at the cemetery and includes appropriate ritual and prayers of memory for family and friends.