Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial honours the memory of the millions of people who were victims of the Holocaust.


As our Rabbi, Jonathan Keren-Black has said,

As the Holocaust moves from personal memory to recorded history, evocative memorials have an increasingly important role in evoking and recalling the tragedy for future generations to reinforce the message to all humanity: ‘Never Again’.

The Holocaust Memorial focuses on a striking modern wind sculpture entitled “The wind whispered your name” which was created and gifted to LBC by renowned Australian sculptor, Konstantin Dimopoulos and his wife Adele.  Konstantin Dimopoulos has installations in many public places around the world as well as in Melbourne.  He created the striking Red Centre at Federation Square and has recently installed major works in the forecourt of the Civic Centre at the City of Monash, at the RACV Country Club in Healesville and in Denver, Colorado.  We are indeed fortunate that Kon and his wife Adele wanted to create a Holocaust Memorial sculpture and chose to do so at LBC.