LBCinema September – Ida


5th September – 7pm

LBCinema is a program of films chosen for their relevance or interest to our community. Screenings begin at 7pm on a Saturday evening with a brief havdalah service. There is also a brief discussion session after most films. Entry is $10.

Poland 1962. Anna is a beautiful eighteen year old orphan, preparing to become a nun.  She learns she has a living relative she must visit before taking her vows, her mother’s sister Wanda. The two women embark on a voyage of discovery of each other and their past. Her aunt, she learns, was a hardline Communist state prosecutor, notorious for sentencing priests and others to death.  Anna learns that her real name is Ida, and she sets out on a journey to uncover her roots and confront the truth about her family.

IDA is followed by supper and short s’lichot service with shofar, to help prepare for the New Year. This is a powerful service, finishing by 10pm