LBCinema November

Sunday 17 November, 7pm
This month we are screening an episode of Foyle’s War. It’s May 1940 and the war news is grim. The Germans are rolling across Europe and invasion fears are affecting everyone. The arrest of a young girl on a sabotage charge brings Foyle into contact with a group of English Nazi sympathisers.
Entry to the screening is $10.

LBCinema October

Sunday 27 October, 7pm
This month we are screening Lebanon, a 2009 Israeli film which won the highest prize at the Venice Film Festival. This tense war drama focuses on a group of Israeli soldiers operating a tank in hostile territory during the 1982 conflict in Lebanon.
Entry to the screening is $10.

LBCinema – August

Sunday 25 August, 7pm
LBCinema is back!

Join us for this American-Israeli political drama film directed and written by Joseph Cedar. The film stars Richard Gere and Lior Ashkenazi Norman Oppenheimer’s life dramatically changes after the young politician he befriended three years before becomes Israeli Prime Minister.
Entry still $10.