The Zwinger Library

Jewish tradition highly values lifelong learning, and the LBC Zwinger Library aims to honour that tradition. Our focus is on acquiring and holding books that have relevance to Judaism, especially our own Progressive stream. The library includes a range of fiction and non-fiction works, including many reference books and back copies of periodicals.

Our non-fiction collection is located in the kitchenette and meeting space adjacent to the small hall in LBC’s administrative and classroom section. Reference books, periodicals and fiction are currently located in an adjoining room.

Members and visitors can browse through our collection during office hours by appointment or when attending any event at our Centre. We also display a selection of books to borrow in the corridor outside the sanctuary. We use an ‘honour system’ for borrowing, asking people to document what they take away and when the item is returned.

A dedicated team have progressively continued to catalogue our entire collection in electronic format. As of 2021 we have nearly 1600 titles that have been catalogued. We are now offering electronic searching of our collection at LBC on-line through our website. At the moment it is for searching only, if you want to borrow an item you will need to contact the Synagogue.

We are happy to receive recommendations for books that people think we should purchase. While we have a small budget for this purpose, we also invite LBC members to ‘sponsor’ a book so that we can acquire even more high quality titles.

If you are willing to sponsor a book – or simply donate to a fund for purchasing new books – please contact the office.

The library accepts donations of pre-loved books, provided they are in reasonable condition and fit within our acquisition guidelines. Books that duplicate our existing holdings or that otherwise don’t belong in our collection are offered ‘free to good home’ to our members in a box located in the Synagogue’s corridor.


Please contact Terri Nathan, our Zwinger Library convenor, with any questions. See below for the library website.