At LBC we have rituals to welcome all babies into the Jewish community.

Within Progressive Judaism, we consider a child to be Jewish if they have a Jewish parent and have experienced a Jewish upbringing. We welcome these children (and their families) to participate fully in the various educational programs, services, activities, parties, etc. that we offer for children and young people, and celebrate the Beit Mitzvah to confirm their Jewish status.

Within our tradition, it is normal to circumcise boys. The ritual is usually a family affair, and the procedure is performed by highly trained professional mohalim. We have several mohalim with whom we work regularly and whose details we can give you.

We also have a short ceremony during Shabbat morning service to welcome a new baby into the Jewish community. At this ‘Baby Naming’ ceremony the child’s Hebrew name is bestowed on the child in the presence of family members, friends and the congregation.

Please contact the Office (9819 7160) to arrange a Baby Naming, discuss a Brit Milah or to make an appointment to meet with the rabbi.


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