Netzer Australia is a Progressive, Zionist Youth Movement, which aims to inspire and educate the youth of our community. Netzer is run by skilled volunteer youth leaders (madrichim) of university age who have completed intensive leadership training and education. Netzer uses informal education to run a variety of activities that are both fun and intellectually challenging. Netzer is a world-wide movement which is affiliated with the World Union for Progressive Judaism and has branches (sniffim) in twelve countries.

For many years, LBC has had strong links with Netzer and young people from our community (both pre and post Bar/ Bat Mitzvah) regularly take part in Netzer meetings and activities, as well as summer and winter camps.

Netzer also offers a ‘gap year’ of leadership training in Israel for students after they complete high school. This year encompasses formal study, volunteer experience and work on a kibbutz. When the young people return to Australia, they then provide the leadership of the movement for two or more years.

This worldwide movement actually started in Melbourne and now has branches (sniffim) in 12 countries and thousands of members across the globe. It is affiliated with the World Union for Progressive Judaism.

See Netzer’s website for more details,