Sh’ma Program

Our religious education program for grade 3-6 children (the ‘Sh’ma Program’) has two components – a weekly Monday session (during the school term) and a Festival (Chaggim) Program for eight key festivals each year.

The weekly Monday session is from 4:45pm – 6.30pm, coinciding with the B’nei-Mitzvah class.

The Monday sessions consist of both a Hebrew and a Jewish studies lesson. We use the ‘Mikadem’ curriculum, an innovative, self-paced Hebrew program that has a focus around the Mishkan T’filah prayer book. It is supplemented with Hebrew and Jewish studies and related games and activities. Our teachers are currently all graduates of Netzer (Progressive Youth Movement), which creates an energetic and engaged atmosphere.

The Festival Program is structured around the festivals and Shabbat with age-appropriate sessions and is delivered by our educators with input from Netzer. Visitors and the wider community are welcome to participate. A more informal festivals program for younger children and their families is run alongside most of these activities.

Overall we aim to provide a very positive and active experience in a welcoming Jewish environment so that our students forge friendships, develop a love of Judaism, and engage with Jewish practices. Our model is based on partnership and collaboration between LBC and its families, and regular communication with parents is paramount.

Enrollment in the program can occur at any time throughout the school year.

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