Introduction to Judaism

As Progressive Jews, we are confident that our religious approach offers a rich, valuable and wonderful framework for modern life. Therefore, we are delighted when anyone wishes to study and learn more about Judaism and our beliefs and practices, whether they are Jewish or not.

Our congregation offers a variety of short educational courses through our ‘House of Study’ group, but in addition, we participate in an ongoing, structured and in-depth Introduction to Judaism course, available as an ‘On-Line course’ with a personal tutor. The course can be undertaken at your own speed, though, as it requires experience of the festivals as they occur, it takes a minimum of a year. It may be commenced at any time. We have regular group meetings to learn and compare notes, and these are also on-line, so all can participate.

The structure and curriculum consists of two free ‘taster’ sessions, and seven full units.

There are tuition fees for the full units, and there are several set books required for the course, which will become the central parts of your ‘Jewish library’.

Who is ‘Introduction to Judaism’ for?

We recognize that everyone is an individual with their own journey as well as their own experiences and varying educational abilities. In general terms, however, there are three different categories of people (18 years and over) who might find the course useful:

  1. Jews who wish to learn more about Judaism in a structured manner
  2. Non-Jews who wish to learn more about Judaism to expand their understanding
  3. Non-Jews who wish to learn more about Judaism in order to join the Jewish people (to convert).

You will find a variety of people, ages, faiths and backgrounds from across our region on the Introduction to Judaism course.

For further information about the on-line course, send an email to

Leo Baeck Centre