Study in Israel

For any Jew and especially Jewish adolescents, the opportunity to live and study in Israel can be a life-changing event. Jewish history is irrevocably bound up with the land that was variously named Canaan, Judea, Judah, The land of Israel, Philistia, Palestina, Palestine and, since 1948, the State of Israel. Relationships between the land and its neighbours, and indeed between Israelites and Jews who lived in the land and those outside, have never been easy, but the tension and dialectic, so frequently found in Judaism, has often been the driver to new and deeper understandings, insights and relationships. The opportunity to travel there (Covid permitting) so relatively easily, quickly and cost-effectively, as well as the many media connections, means that the connection and relationship between Israel and the diaspora has never been richer or more accessible.

There are very many study opportunities of all lengths, types and subjects, including university exchange and twinning programs (usually available in English) and of course including learning classical or modern Hebrew. There can be no better place to learn bible and archaeology than in the land where it happened, with most field trips being within a easy day’s journey.

There is also one particularly important program to mention – the ‘Shnat’ gap program between school and tertiary studies (or work). The opportunity to live and learn with a group of friends, of working on a kibbutz and travelling the land and learning about its pulse, its opportunities and challenges, is unique and amazing. Going off as kids, they come back as independent young adults, who will probably know their way round Jerusalem better than their home cities! It may look expensive until you realise how much school, feeding and housing them has cost over the previous year – there are payment plans and it is the best investments. They will have a deep understanding and lifelong memories and relationships. Our progressive youth movement Netzer offers Shnat programs, as do other movements and organisations.

For the fullest and most up to date information, browse the internet and/or speak to our Shaliakh (Israel emissary), whose details you will be able to get from the LBC office at 

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