Message from Union for Progressive Judaism

Dear friends,

Just a few weeks ago, Lesley Sachs visited our shores imploring us to support our brethren in Israel who are standing strong in challenging times. Over 500,000 Israelis have taken to the streets marching behind banners and signs authored by the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism, who are bringing light in to the looming darkness cast across the Jewish state by those who would create a theocracy unrestrained by the rule of law.

The signs, translated from the Hebrew, read: “In the name of Judaism we will protect democracy.

You can help preserve Israel as a Jewish and democratic state by supporting the UIA Progressive Appeal. The Progressive Movement in Israel is at the forefront opposing the many civil and human rights under threat from the current government: Jewish pluralism; promoting gender equality; fighting racism; LGBTQI+ rights; and, maintaining the Law of Return.

It is urgent. It is important. We all want Israel to be home for all Jews, not just the extreme right and the ultra-Orthodox.

Please CLICK HERE now and invest as much as you can.

To view a 5-minute excerpt from Lesley Sachs’ compelling message presentation, click here.

22-minute edited video of Lesley’s presentation at Emanuel Synagogue is available, click here.

David D Knoll AM, Alan Obrart and Danny Hochberg
UIA Progressive Appeal NSW Co-Chairs

Brian Samuel OAM and Dr Philip Bliss OAM
UIA Progressive Appeal VIC Co-Chairs

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